Accelerate Online DTS




November 2022

The ACCELERATE ONLINE DTS is a wild school made for wild times & for wildly radical people who want to get to know God better. The mission of YWAM is to know God and to make Him known, and that is definitely evident throughout the DTS programme. Breaking away from the usual mold, this is available as an online course. This DTS would allow you to bring all of the thought-provoking, life-changing teachings of a Classic DTS into your home and even into your community as it brings a new twist into the program. This DTS is geared towards people that desire to bring change into the community where they are at. This is when it really gets better, because with this in our hearts, participants are welcome and encouraged to join either by themselves or to invite up to 10 people from their community, friends, youth group and family to be part of the lectures as well.

The LECTURE PHASE is a total of 10 weeks, consisting of two teachings per week and a connect group once per week where students can come together to process what they’ve received through the teachings. The OUTREACH PHASE, a total of twelve weeks, is spent primarily in London taking part in local outreach and serving alongside the ministries that we have running here in London. Our heart for the UK is our main focus, but we also have taken outreach teams to many places in Europe. The COST for the lecture phase of this programme is £2,900. Registration: £100 (payable with your application form, non refundable). You can pay this via paypal to the email address:

If the applicant is inviting friends or family to join the lectures, they can split the cost and each pay a portion of the lecture fees. The outreach portion (not compulsory) taking place in London is an additional £2,900. (inc. accommodation, food, some materials for school activities). This does not cover the cost of any flights either to/from London or outreach transportation. You will be responsible for your transportation costs both in London and in any other outreach locations.

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