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Church and Community Development


Growing a Church is so much more than establishing a building; it’s equipping the body of Christ to be His hands and feet for the community. 


In Church and Community Development, we want to go deeper in the relationships with the people of our Church and connect with them beyond the Sunday service. We are passionate about living actively as followers of Christ, showing them that they are not alone. We are reaching out through different local initiatives depending on the needs of the community in each season. In the past this has involved working with prisons, homeless drop-ins, evangelism, handing out food donations, serving free teas and coffees, helping in food banks, giving free haircuts for the homeless, creating workshops and working with schools. 


As the needs of the people around us change, we are adapting creative ways to continue to grow our relationships we have with the community, going deeper with them just like Jesus did. Join us as we develop the relationship between church and community to bring His Kingdom here.

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