Before applying this is what you need to know
If you are NOT European, you will need a specific visa to attend, and should apply for the school two months or more in advance in order to have time to apply for your visa. We will provide more details about the visa once you have applied for the school.
Flights to and from London/public transportation are NOT included with school prices


Information about visas required to enter the UK, will be provided upon application.


Flights to London, public transportation in London, and any outreach transportation are not covered by the school fees.

school fees

For the lecture phase, one person applies for the school and is allowed to invite up to 10 people to join them in the lecture phase. Doing so, then 10 people can divide the cost of the lecture phase amongst themselves. Only the person who applied for the school is able to come on the outreach (outreach is not compulsory).