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You live, so you eat! Everyone needs fuel in the form of food, and culinary arts are here to function as a vessel in the specific areas of everything food. God made food exciting and adventures, and a way of showing us the value of community and family.

We do anything from cupcakes in our local coffee shop to celebration cakes to recipe developing and coffee/food pairing. The world is our oyster, and even oysters could be on the menu! We love discovering and learning about new cultures and their foods.

With this course you can expect to be challenged in the way you see and perceive food, we will learn what the bible has to say about food, the prophetic aspect of culinary arts, together with a lot of technical challenges, to enhance your cooking and baking. 

We will also dive into the nutritional value of food and how to run a professional kitchen. 

Please include in your application a portfolio and any experience you have in the food industry, if applicable.



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