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As fashion designers, stylists, and fashion bloggers, we want to bring light into the field of fashion. Within this ministry we will explore how we can do fashion for the kingdom of God, embrace and grow in our identity as artists, and how we can use our gifts to have an impact on the fashion industry. In an industry that is so closely linked with identity, how you express yourself and how you are perceived, we want to see people become grounded in who they truly are and to find their purpose.

During your time with us, we go through the process of creating clothes from design to production. We also look at styling, color theory, body shapes and more. We always look at what God says about fashion and we create pieces and collections that reflect God to the people around us.

Through connections we have made over the years, we have had the opportunity to partake in some fashion weeks behind the scenes and meet with a network of Christian Designers to pray monthly. We believe it is important to connect with other Christians in the Fashion industry, because the industry itself is very independent and self seeking. Alone no one can bring change, but together we can.

As a ministry we have started a clothing brand called Coal and through it we aim to impact the industry by making clothes that are done with intentionality.

As God is challenging us and expanding our reach, we aim to be good stewards of the gifts He has given us and to use them to bring His love to the fashion world!

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