31 Mar 2023
21 Jul 2023

Film has a huge impact on our society. Through film we can be part of our culture's conversation by stimulating thought and offering new perspectives. You can truly make a difference with a great story told, and just imagine what happens if this story comes straight out from God’s heart for the people! That can bring change. Film has the power to move the hearts of people from a visual perspective, it can bring awareness to difficult situations and it can bring light and hope into dark places. In our case, our heart is to focus on producing short films. For that, we often collaborate with other ministries, or help them to bring their visions to live in a short film or social media project. 


Besides producing shorts we also help where it is needed. In our church, Hope and Anchor Community church for example, we are responsible for the Live-Stream and some of the social media content that is being put out during the week. So when you come, you will learn how to work on a live production as well. 


We constantly work on our skills when it comes to techniques of filming, script writing, shot angles, storyboarding and shot listing, handling camera gear, directing shorts, producing, set design, light design, sound design and postproduction, and so much more. 


What’s the story YOU want to tell?


To apply, please send a portfolio alongside your application so that we already get an idea on how to work together for God’s kingdom and how we can develop your skills further.

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