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29 Mar 2022
14 Jul 2022
7 Jun 2021
31 Jan 2022
06 June 2022

Filmmaking is a huge influence in our society. It shapes what information we want to deliver with visual imagery that stimulates thought. With filmmaking we can be a part of our culture's conversation. Truly you can make a difference with a great story that can bring change, awareness, and positive influence. Film has the power to move the hearts of people from a visual perspective. We have the ability to bring awareness and light to dark places.

The filmmaking track is a track that encourages skills in techniques of filming, shot angles, storyboarding/shot listing, camera gear, directing, producing, editing, set building, light design, and final production.

Please send a portfolio alongside your application to help us see your style and get an idea of how we can best work together in this track. 

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