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Behind the glamour, vanity, and image, hairstylists help people to see the beauty within and express that beauty on the outside by encouraging clients to look in the mirror, accept themselves, and share their stories, and insecurities. Hairstylists help clients to have a new perspective about themselves and to become ecstatic about the way they carry themselves and look every day. The hair industry influences fashion, culture, and everyday people. Our stylists practically engage in the community through Think+ coffee and ink where they work in the hair salon throughout the week. They able to meet clients one-on-one and transform their hair. 


Illumi is an initiative of the hair styling ministry to provide hair and beauty services to vulnerable adults. They reach adults in vulnerable situations and rough sleepers through free haircuts and more on the streets of London. 

The hairstyling track encourages skills in haircutting techniques, colour theory, styling techniques, and client communications. Learn how to bring out the beauty in your client through the inside out, all while learning more about the hair industry and coming alongside the ministries we have running. 

Please send a portfolio alongside your application to help us see your style and get an idea of how we can best work together in this track. No prior experience is required!

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