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Each week we partner with Hope + Anchor Community Church, a local church in the heart of Camden Town. It is a place for the people of Camden, tourists and residents alike, and it seeks to create a community of believers who can see the streets of Camden transformed. It is Bible-based and Jesus-centred, and values being a church family that is authentic as we challenge and encourage one another to grow deeper in our relationship with God and each other as He uses us to bring His Kingdom to our neighbourhoods. The church is not only for its members to worship God, but for others in the community that are far from experiencing His love to have a place where they can belong!


Hope + Anchor has a heart to put the body of Christ above the structure of religious services and also be the Church from Monday to Saturday, going beyond the walls of a Sunday service.


To find out more about the weekly initiatives and how you can get involved, check out the website!

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