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Hope Community Support

As Hope Community Support, we want to see God restore people back to the fullness and wholeness that He created them with. We want to do this by counselling people in the way they think and process in their minds and beliefs, and how they operate and process their emotions. We want God to bring people’s minds and emotions back to how he created them to be aligned under his truth. We look to create a space for people to experience growth and healing, influencing people to seek God in every area of their lives. 


Practically, we have an active Instagram profile, posting weekly to share God's heart through tips and advice about mental health and other topics. Our Hope Community Support website is another platform for people to connect with us. Additionally, we look to network with people within the community to build relationships and work with them to help them grow in their mental and emotional well-being. 

Collectively – we have a heart for Camden and the vision for creating a community that seeks to bring God's healing and restoration in themselves and others. For the future we aspire to expand our mission – training and preparing others to council and guide, multiplying into all spheres of society.

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