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London Coffee Acadamy

As society evolves, we can perceive a greater divide between secular and sacred. Business is one of the more underdeveloped areas of ministry, simply a result of the actions and interpretation by past generations on the concept of “the mission field”. 


We believe God has called us to bridge this gap, and bring light into the business environment. Our heart is to be an example of the church in a modern and reachable setting within a multi-faceted business. This shop will be a place where people can experience a different type of community, where we can be an influence in their life by providing a unique employment atmosphere, mentoring people in their relevant skills and their relationship with God. We seek excellence in our crafts, and also emphasize servant leadership and hospitality. 


We have the opportunity to affect change with what we have in our hands and the gifts God gave us. With this we aim to change perspective, not fall into the cliche “Christian business”, and be simple yet radical Christ-followers.

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