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Creating is part of life, and the act of creation brings change. We invite you to participate with us and bring new ideas to our generation, to capture perspectives, create nuances, and project dreams. That is what music production is: it is connecting what we see and producing art that will endure over time. The Holy Spirit is the most creative being of all, and we seek to grasp what he wants to show our generation.


Composition, recording, audio engineering applied to both live and studio context, mixing, mastering, distribution and publishing are just a few of the steps that entails our ministry, and understanding those steps of the process allows us to move forward, from an idea, a voice memo, into a full song. 


We believe that the music industry is in need of a refreshing wave of musicians, composers and producers that don’t compromise their integrity and that can be stewards to champion people in their artistic path. Nowadays music production became very accesible, anybody with access to a laptop is able to make music and we want to be a part of that process. 

Please send a portfolio alongside your application to help us see your style and get an idea of how we can best work together in this track.

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