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  Our heart for this ministry is focused on the people involved in sports and fitness. Sports can bring out the best and worst sides of people and their character. Whether that is heavy reliance in the way they look, perform, compete, or work in teams - the list goes on. We really have a heart to use sports and fitness to meet new people and build a community that we can invest in and grow alongside in. God has given us these things for us to enjoy and do from a place of joy and passion - not from a place that is looking to please our own ego.

  We currently have free fitness sessions that we run weekly within the community, as well, we often meet up with people at local parks and pitches to play different sports to bring community to a city that is very closed off and self focused. As of right now, we are looking into running a kids football club and a young adults football club for the local community centre. We're also hoping to run our own gym/fitness facility. Before we start a gym, we would like to build a community and a foundation on God so that when we start the gym, it will be structured on a the Word of God and what He has spoken.

  Our hope is to not only create a space where people in the community can meet up for different activities, but also to be a space where we can build deeper relationships with people, and to show them who God says they are and their value in Him.

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