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Before applying this is what you need to know
If you are NOT European, you will need a specific visa to attend, and should apply for the school two months or more in advance in order to have time to apply for your visa. We will provide more details about the visa once you have applied for the school.
Flights to and from London/public transportation are NOT included with school prices


Information about visas required to enter the UK, will be provided upon application. If you're from one of the following countries you will need a visa for this school and are able to apply for the DNA up to a month before the starting date. 
EU/EFTA Member States • Andorra • Antigua and Barbuda • Argentina • Australia • Bahamas • Barbados • Belize • Botswana • Brazil • Brunei • Canada • Chile • Costa Rica • Dominica • East Timor • El Salvador • Grenada • Guatemala • Honduras • Hong Kong • Israel • Japan Kiribati • Macau • Malaysia • Maldives • Marshall Islands • Mauritius • Mexico • Micronesia • Monaco • Namibia • Nauru • New Zealand • Nicaragua • Palau • Panama • Papua New Guinea • Paraguay • Saint Kitts and Nevis • Saint Lucia • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines • Samoa • San Marino • Seychelles • Singapore • Solomon Islands • South Korea • Taiwan • Tonga • Trinidad and Tobago • Tuvalu • United States of America • Uruguay • Vanuatu • Vatican City


Flights to London, public transportation in London, and any outreach transportation are not covered by the school fees.

school fees

There is a £100 registration fee that goes towards the overall cost of the school (it is due with the application and it is non-refundable).



We will let you know if you need to send us your porfolio, depending on which artistic track you are applying for.



Here is some information of what you might do or will experience in your ministry in the links below.
  Magazine Production | Culinary | Visual & Street Art | Social Media | Tattoo | Hairstyling | Fashion | Music | Music Production | Graphic Design | Photography | Barista | Writing | Film |Radiant Sports & Fitness
​Church and community work:
Hospitality | Church & Commmunity Development
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