Extreme Sports and Fitness





29 Mar 2021
16 Jul 2021
03 Mar 2022
7 Jun 2021
31 Jan 2022
06 June 2022

The Extreme Sports and Fitness track will be a mix of lecture and outreach taking place in different locations. We focus on pushing limits and learning more about our true identity in God. We want to explore, go beyond our limits, and learn together as a team how to reach goals. We want to listen to God and learn how to do sports in a healthy way that is pleasing to Him.


We also want to reach people that are interested in sports and include them in what we are living and experiencing with God. We believe that the world’s image of sports and fitness puts man in the centre, but we desire to do sports with Jesus in the centre, letting Him have the place that He deserves in our lives.

We work together with staff and students in different areas including: sports and fitness, football, and extreme sports. Learning new techniques and skills from one another and working with all tracks combined to produce an event is the goal for this time. We also use sports to do evangelism and outreach in our area. There will be different activities to use football, extreme sports, and fitness to reach out to our community.

Please specify in your application what areas of this track you would like to focus in or work more on.

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