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Radiant Sports and Fitness

21 Jul. 2023
29 Mar. 2024
​19 Jul. 2024
​5 Jun. 2023
2 ​Feb 2024
31 ​May 2024





The Sports and Fitness Track heart is to be able to reach out to the people around us through sports and to create a community based on Christ character and biblical values. 


It consist of multiple training times or lectures leading to outreaches around the city or the country depending on what we want to achieve. The main sports at the moment are football, basketball, fitness and workout sessions and some extreme sports are in development like skateboarding and parkour.


We really want to focus on going out and meeting people and communicate with them through the sport they love and include them in what we are living and experiencing with God.

We believe that the world’s image of sports and fitness puts man in the centre, but we desire to do sports with Jesus in the centre, letting Him have the place that He deserves in our lives.


We want to teach, but also learn from everyone, students, guests and staff. Exchanging knowledge and experience about sports we don't know or are not good at. The goal is to really do it together, and to use sports during evangelism, activities and events all around our area and city. So come and praise God with the talents that you have.


Please specify in your application what area of this track you would like to really focus on.

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