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Taboo Arts is our overarching arts ministry at YWAM London Radiant, originally formed in 2009. We are a group of artists who are ready to challenge the current systems of art today. In a time where the name of Jesus is considered “taboo”, we step forth in boldness believing that the best art is created to, for and with the Creator Himself. From this paradigm shift, we are able to create quality art that also has depth, truth and real transformation power. 


We are artists of various disciplines, including visual and street art, photography, filmmaking, dance, theatre, creative writing, music, fashion, hairstyling, tattoo, video and music production, social media, magazine production, barista and culinary arts. We have been investing in London and around the world since Taboo Arts began. With creative and prophetic worship, street performances, discipleship, training and evangelism, we have built up the ministry over the years. Through our art and lifestyle, we hope to challenge the status quo and open a door for others to step up as artists and prophets, to help others develop their gifts and push them to walk into the calling they have received! 


The heart of this ministry is to bridge the gap between what is seen as secular and sacred. We are artists and Christians, people and prophets. Our lifestyle must reflect how these things go hand-in-hand, and living the gospel in a relevant way is crucial to reaching our world. We host multiple experiences a year, run training programmes through YWAM London Radiant [ see our Training page for more info ], and perform in various carnivals and festivals in the UK, Europe and beyond. We believe that our art is the expression of the Creator in us, and that art is inherently prophetic. It is our responsibility as sons and daughters of God to use the creative voice He’s given us to transform lives and cities all around the world!


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