We believe that nowadays the name of Jesus has become TABOO.

Our aim is to ignite the body of Christ and challenge it to step up to its full potential in different areas of the arts: visual art, body art and tattoo, hair dressing, fashion and clothing, video and music production, music, photography, filmmaking, dance, theatre, creative writing, social media, and barista. We desire to be relevant trend setters in today’s society and to be influential in the UK, Europe and the main cities around the world.

We have been investing in London and around the world since Taboo Arts began in 2009. With creative and prophetic worship, street performances, discipleship, training ,and evangelism, we have built up a ministry. Through our art and lifestyle, we hope to challenge the status quo and open a door for others to step up as artists and prophets, to help others develop their gifts and push them to walk into the calling they have received! The heart of this ministry is to bridge the gap between what is seen as secular and sacred. We are artists and Christians, people and prophets. Our lifestyle must reflect how these things go hand-in-hand, and living the gospel in a relevant way is crucial to reaching our world. 

As Taboo Arts we host two internships per year where you can come and join us for a three-month taste of how to use art in missions as a lifestyle. With these courses we try to invest in the lives of young people, discipling them as we walk and work alongside them. (See our Training page for more info)

We have had the opportunity to perform at and around festivals in Europe like the 2012 Olympic Games, The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the Up Festival in Bristol, and others.

We have a heart for community, cities, cultures, creativity and Christ.
It’s time to stir up a Godly revolution and reclaim the arts back to the greatest Artist – the Creator Himself!

If you would like to know a bit more about the work that we do in these areas you can check out our Facebook page and Instagram account.

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