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Here’s a bit more about the dance track: 

-warm-up, stretching and work out 

-contemporary dance

-jazz dance

-tap dance 

-latin dance 

-street dance

-circus skills (harness/aerial dance, stilts, poi, fire poi)

-choreography (includes finding music, movement, inspiration from video or other resources, etc)


-practicing performance elements, such as connecting with the audience etc.

Social Media
social media 2.jpg

Social Media

Here’s a bit more for you to know about the Social Media track. The time would be spent working with different forms of social media: Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, snap chat, and other social media etc and working on projects in those areas. You can check out our Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, and other social media to see what we have been up to in those areas so far. The idea behind the track is looking at how and what we are communicating and how we unite all the forms of social media.


Magazing Production

-       Researching magazines

-       Content development

-       Interviewing/Article Writing

-       Photography

-       Styling and photoshoot production

-       Social media

-       Graphic design

-       Marketing and distribution

Magazine Production
Visual & Street Art

Visual & Street Arts

Here’s a bit more about the visual arts & street arts track:

-teaching on various topics: composition, shadows and lights, perspective, colors, techniques of mediums, etc., practical exercises based on the principles of the week (shading, perspective, etc)

-a time of critique of exercises

-working on pieces. (interns are producing 2 pieces a week, from painting, to watercolor, to pencil, etc.)



This track is for those with a passion for cooking and a heart for people. This track will explore various culinary techniques as we learn to serve through our art and influence the lives of those ones we are serving. We will also focus on building community while growing in teamwork (as this is essential in kitchen environments). This track will include learning more about the cuisine of other cultures, while also exploring and experimenting with different dishes as we learn to create new ones.

*Please include any past experience that you might have in the culinary field in your application.



Here’s a bit more about the hairstyling track:

-theory on styling, cutting and color

-personal research


-instructions/practical training

-practice of hair cutting, styling, and colour

*You do not have to have a license or certification in cosmetology to apply for this track. 

*While our track leaders are certified, we cannot provide you with official certification after participating in this program.



- practical time in research/study on tattooing techniques

- research: around the city

- practice with tattoo equipment, knowledge

- client assessment practice/ stocking shop/ hygiene/ product testing and equipment

*This track requires having a strong background in visual arts (as this is really the foundation of tattooing). Please note that you might be asked to spend some time in the visual arts track to strengthen your foundations prior to joining this track.



Here’s a bit more for you to know about the Fashion and Clothing track:

-research (using internet, magazines) looking at fashion trends, ideas

-mood boarding for fashion ideas

-designing, illustrating, drawing fashion pieces (prayer about theme

for the collection)

-practice hand sewing and machine sewing, practicing techniques

-practical time of various activites: detailing, finishing, working

from a pattern etc

-fitting and modeling fashion pieces, photographing pieces


Church & Community Development

We have done a wide ranch of different things with this track depending on the needs of the season. The most important thing is to come open and ready to serve as we’re working with the community and connecting with the people in our church. Things we’ve done in the past include:

- Working with the homeless community

- Handing out free teas and coffees on the streets

- Creating workshops and activities for the community

- Working with primary schools

- Helping in food banks

- Hosting evangelisms

- Collecting and delivering food donations

- Organising prayer events

- Connecting with other churches, organisations and corporate business

- Developing seasonal events. Join us as we develop the relationship between church and community to bring His Kingdom here!

Church & Community Development
Video & Music Production

Video & Music Production

-lecture on technical, styling, fundamentals and composition

-practical time looking at videos and research

-video shooting of different styles learned

-video work: pre and post production, script, and storyboard

-music recording, composition and editing, system configuration audio and live sound

-instruction on editing videos



-lecture on composition, various technical aspects, and how to apply for Christ

-practical time looking at images the interns have taken during the week

-practical exploration outside 

-taking images using what they have learned

-instruction on editing images.

- taking photos for base and/or YWAM Radiant social media

- running a photography blog

Graphic Design


Here’s some specifics for the music track of what the practical time will include: vocal exercises, warm-up, stretching vocal range, practicing scales, chords, different rhythms for accompaniment and singing, practice song repertoire (different genres: pop, gospel, rock, worship, country, etc), practice performing styles, etc, piano, musical instrument practice (accompaniment), songwriting, worship training. It also depends on the different people who come for the school, and what the track leaders have been praying about for the time. 


Graphic Design

- In lectures we will cover design basics,

- how to use adobe programmes

- marketing tools for social media

- web design + collaboration with multimedia art.



This track is for those with a passion for coffee and a heart for people. During this track, we’ll work through the professional barista curriculum designed by the Specialty Coffee Association covering topics such as coffee, extraction, grind, milk steaming, latte art, and more. We’ll discuss topics such as business as ministry, designing your own café, customer service, coffee equipment, and the history of coffee; while also visiting some key cafes around the city of London. Students will also spend time volunteering at our base café, Think+.


Creative Writing

Here’s some information about what the practical time of the creative writing track would look like: 

-reading blogs, looking for inspiration on topics

-quickwrites, improvised writing exercises

- editing and grammar work, proofreading practice

-writing on theme/style: poetry, nonfiction, short story, blog post, song lyrics, playwriting

-focus on writing description, setting, other writing concepts 

-focus on the purpose of writing pieces for the season

-preparing writing pieces to display in an exhibition



Here’s a bit more for you to know about the Film track:

-lecture on technical, styling, fundamentals and composition

-practical time looking at videos and directorial style research

-practical exploration outside

-video shooting of different styles learned

-instruction on editing videos

Extreme Sports & Fitness

Extreme Sports & Fitness

We work together with staff and students in different areas including: sports and fitness, football, and extreme sports. Learning new techniques and skills from one another and working with all tracks combined to produce an event is the goal for this time. We also use sports to do evangelism and outreach in our area. There will be different activities to use football, extreme sports, and fitness to reach out to our community.

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