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The CREATIVES DTS and ATHLETES DTS School is for people who radically want to get to know God better. The mission of YWAM is to know God and to make Him known, and that is evident throughout the DTS programme. It challenges you to follow God wholly – through worship, prayer, listening to Him, and serving Him practically and through creativity. It is not simply a gap year or a tourist experience; a DTS will change your life and how you look at the world. You will not be the same, and you may not have the same plans for your life afterwards. This five-month school is for those who are seeking to be moulded by God into authentic Christ-followers, to know Him more and learn how to share the gospel through everything we do. 


We EMPHASISE community life in this DTS. Living in community means we eat together, we work in the houses together, and share each moment of the day with each other. Our aim is to serve in this as well, blessing each other by keeping the houses clean and taking care of the places that God has given to us. We see community life as one of the blessings God has given us, sharing our houses and rooms with people from different nations, languages, and cultures!


The LECTURE PHASE is a total of twelve weeks, being a mixture of teaching, track time for your artistic discipline, local evangelism, worship and intercession, and various other activities. 


The OUTREACH PHASE, a total of eight weeks, is spread out during the course of the school and is not usually in a big chunk. Our heart for the UK is our main focus, but we also have taken outreach teams to many places in Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, and South America. 


The COST for the DTS is £4700 (inc. accommodation, food, and some materials). The first half of the fees are due the first week of the school. The rest will need to be paid by the end of the second month. This doesn’t include outreach tickets, transportation to/in London, or transportation while in outreach locations.  A deposit of £200 is required to confirm your place, and a registration of £100, the total of the school cost will be £4800. 


The CREATIVES and ATHLETES Internship is a three-month launching pad into ministry and missions through the arts. These months are split up into a ‘preparation phase’ and an ‘outreach phase’. 


The GOAL is to enhance our skills, learn how to use them in ministry and outreach, and work together as a team between the tracks towards a combined product. In past internships we have done collaborative performances, exhibitions, and many local outreaches. We usually ask that interns focus on one track so they have time to really invest and grow in that area. There is a general structure to the internship, but as each group of interns is unique we try to modify different aspects to better serve each school. 


The FIRST PHASE is in London  and will include activities in and around our base (houses that we live in, and locations where tracks are held) around the city. During the winter internship, this time is 6-8 weeks. The summer internship is shorter, from 4-5 weeks. We work together with staff and students in different TRACKS, including: fashion, music, video & music production, drama, fine arts, photography, creative writing, filmmaking, barista, tattoo & body art, social media, hairdressing, dance, sports and fitness, and extreme sports. 


The SECOND PHASE can be from 5-7 weeks, depending on the location and availability of hosts. We tend to focus on the UK and Europe for internship outreaches, and it is not limited to just working in the areas of our arts. Many times we do practical work as well, such as speaking in churches and youth groups or serving in the place we are hosted. 


The COST of the internship is £3200 (inc. accommodation, food, and some materials) This doesn’t include outreach tickets, transportation to/in London, or local transportation while in outreach locations.A deposit of £200 is required to confirm your place, and a registration of £100, the total of the school cost will be £3300. 



Introducing the DNA Leadership and Ministry Development School, which premiered in 2018.

Throughout the Bible and history, we can see how God has a heart for developing leaders into their full potential. With this as our main aim at the heart, we see this leadership course as having the goal of training staff and leaders from different Christian backgrounds and levels of experience and equipping them for servant leadership through creating an atmosphere of opportunity where they can see tangible personal growth and development.

During these two months, topics will vary according to the need observed in the individual attendees, but will cover a general basis of: a deeper scope of the history and values of YWAM, spiritual disciplines for leaders, time management, fundraising, personal ministry development, calling, purpose and vision, identity of a leader, conflict resolution, and other topics pertinent to leadership development.

The COST of the school is £2600  (inc. accommodation, food, and books) This doesn’t include outreach tickets, transportation to/in London, or local transport while in outreach locations. A deposit of £200 is required to confirm your place, and a registration of £100. 

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DNA Cost

YWAM London Radiant currently has three different types of training programes:


  • CREATIVES and ATHLETES Internship

  • DNA School (Leadership and Urban Ministry Development)

If you are NOT British citizen, we will provide more details about if you will need a visa once you have applied for the school.

There is a £100 registration fee that goes towards the overall cost of the school

(it is due with the application and it is non-refundable).

No DTS is required to participate in an internship.

Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) run in March and July,

Internships run in February and June.

 DNA School (Leadership Urban and Ministry Development)

 runs in January and October each year.

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