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The vision of the visual and street art ministry is to use our creativity to inspire, encourage, and invite others into the intimate mystery of who God is. We strive to see our art as a means of worshipping God with the gifts that He has given us and to use it as a tool to reach others with His love. We believe that art is a powerful prophetic and healing force in our world and that we reflect the heart of our Creator when we join Him in the act of creating.


As a member of the visual art track, you will practice foundational skills in observation, perspective, value (shading), colour theory, and composition, as well as strengthen your skills in your chosen medium. You will also explore museums and art galleries around the city, finding inspiration all around. You can experience everything from painting, drawing, and sculpting, to graffiti, multi-media installations, and digital art. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, designers, dancers, musicians, photographers, and many others to create work for your programme's exhibition in the heart of Shoreditch - one of the most vibrant art hubs in London. 


We will always encourage you to be bold and to step out of your comfort zone to explore a new medium or bring your wildest ideas to life. So come along and discover more about being a visual artist that helps people see, touch, and experience God’s Kingdom!


Please send a portfolio alongside your application to help us get to know you and your style, and to get an idea of how we can best work together in this ministry!

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